The Dandy Horse, Inc. is a unique New York City bicycle startup. The Board of Directors and Advisors will soon be announced. The focus and product offerings will be disclosed post-seed round of funding.

In the world that Amazon dominates the death of the local bike shop is commonplace. The growth of dockless and docking shared bikes are staggering. The proliferation of electric bikes is dizzying.

Canyon Bikes doing their thing by not using local bike shops as a distribution point and the creation of the mobile bike mechanic compounds the cash flow and inventory problems bike shops face.

New York City has more than 80,000 people that bike to work or school every day. More than 15,000 bikes are stolen every year in New York City. That is enough clues to what we are going to be doing.

If interested in learning more or even participation in the funding round connect with me, the founder, Mark Kabbash at 646.408.2661. The Dandy Horse, Inc.

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